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About Your Personal CFO

Your Central point of Call

Most professionals spread their financial affairs across a number of different and often uncoordinated service providers, such as accountants, lawyers, investment advisers, stock brokers and insurance agents. We provide you with one central point of contact to handle all your financial management issues.

As our first step we undertake a ‘Discovery Process’ to find out exactly where you are at, where you want to be and what is important to you. This helps you to get a good understanding of your current situation and to open up your options and possibilities for what you could do going forward.

To lay the foundation to reach your goals and objectives we help you to identify your financial goals – these goals are directed by what you want and the lifestyle you want to have rather than just products and investments which do not have a specific purpose.

Once the Discovery Process is complete we then prepare a’ letter of engagement’ which will outline exactly what your project involves, time frames and the costs of implementation so that you have a clear understanding of what is involved before we get started.

We work on simplifying your financial management by breaking down what needs to be done via a number of financial ‘projects’ which we manage and oversee for you to ensure they are completed successfully.

Once you have decided to ‘go ahead’ with our project proposal we will then draw on a variety of experts in addition to Pert & Associates (such as lawyers, taxation specialists, business advisers and financial market experts etc) – to assist in creating the outcomes you require based on your goals and objectives. We will manage these experts on your behalf and will be a central point of call as your acting personal CFO. You may have some of these advisors in place and we are happy to work in conjunction with them for your benefit.

We coordinate your financial management needs, taking into account your situation and ensuring that all of your needs are implemented in a tailored, consistent and organised manner that will give you ease of management and a peace of mind.

Benefits of Your Personal CFO

Your personal CFO will offer you a variety of benefits, including:

1. Project management of all your financial affairs – managing a team of legal and financial experts to assist you in reaching your outcomes while remaining focused on what is in your best interest.

2. Supporting you by providing discipline – helping you to make wise choices about your Money. Helping you to have a ‘plan’ and sticking to it.

3. A focus on longevity & relationship – they will be there for the long haul. The relationship between you and your personal CFO is ongoing and built on trust.

4. A deep understanding of your core values, goals and objectives - they will ensure that you align your financial strategy and goals with your personal/family goals and remain on track for living the life you want now building your wealth into the future.

Who benefits from our service

The clients who benefit most from our services have the following qualities:

THEY ARE MANAGERS OF THEIR OWN DESTINY: Our clients are people who take charge of their life and their destiny rather than leaving it to chance. They seek the advice of experts and are comfortable with delegating responsibility of their financial well being. They appreciate, and are willing to follow, the advice of an expert.

THEY ARE GOAL ORIENTED: Our clients are goals oriented. They like to be clear on what it is that will give them control, security and freedom to do what they want to do to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Our clients appreciate the clarity and peace of mind that they get from knowing they have the greatest probability of achieving their goals by partnering with us.

THEY VALUE EXPERT ADVICE: Our clients value the expert advice we provide to help them to integrate and manage their affairs.

THEY FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST: Our clients know that they will need to work smart to manage their financial affairs so that they can free up the time to focus on what is important to them, whether it is focusing on furthering their profession, Business or spending time with their loved ones. By delegating, they can focus their valuable time and energy on those things in life that are most important to them.

THEY WANT A PARTNERSHIP: Our clients are looking for a partnership that helps to get their affairs in order, provides expert advice and acts as a sounding board whether times are good or bad. A Strategic Partnership with their Personal CFO allows them to have more control and therefore ease of success in achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

“We do the hard work so that you can get on with what’s important” Quote Brian Pert

Your Personal CFO Expertise

CFO Difference

Your Advisers

We are adviser’s not just financial advisers. We provide a board of advice and a personal CFO service to assist you to integrate the management of your financial affairs and work collaboratively with you to achieve your most important outcomes, financial and beyond.

Strategic Advice

We provide unbiased strategic advice as we do not have our own products or ownership links to product providers that may influence our recommendations to you.

Qualifications and experience

Your personal CFO service is of the caliber usually only available to senior personnel in large organisations and High Net worth Individuals.

Direct Access

You have direct access to your personal CFO and wealth adviser who answers your queries personally and does not seek to divert you to other personnel.

High touch Approach

Your personal CFO service will always keep in touch with you and keep you informed of the most relevant news to you. Your Personal CFO personally looks after no more than 100 clients. We limit number of clients to maintain high level of service.

This means that there is always ample time to assist you.

Saving You Time

We actively encourage you to delegate to us everything that we can do for you, thereby minimising your day-to-day time involvement in managing your financial affairs and any commitments linked to this.


You know exactly how we are paid as all remuneration is fully disclosed and we do not accept commissions in relation to investments or superannuation.

Your Team of Experts

Brian Pert is a director and adviser of Pert & Associates. His mission is to help clients use their wealth to achieve their most important life goals, such as establishing legacies for their families, contributing to their communities and pursuing their passions. He specialises in project managing the affairs of medical specialists, Pharmacists and Qantas pilots and providing advice through your Personal CFO.

Brian is a certified Financial Planner, a status that requires comprehensive knowledge and continuing education. He has a Degree in Economics and has been advising clients on financial independence for more than 15 years.