Learn More about the CFO Solution

“My Personal CFO” is your solution and a central point of call for all your financial management needs. We act as your Chief Financial Officer to bring together expertise of various advisers and specialists to help you achieve your goals and objectives. As your CFO we will provide a wide range of integrated expertise accessed through your centralised CFO service to ensure you achieve your outcomes easily and effortlessly.

The CFO Service provides you with the following expert solutions:

Cash Flow Management

For many professionals and business owners managing their cash flow is the number one priority. We can assist you by optimising the amount of cash that you get out of the business each year and making it work for you to build your personal wealth. We help you make smart choices with your cash flow consistently.

Debt Management

We assist you in managing and paying off your debts by putting together a plan and monitoring this closely so that you will free up cash flow for building your wealth and improving your business and lifestyle.

Super, DIY Admin and Actuarial

We will help take the ‘guess work’ out of superannuation and its complex administration and assist you to manage your super in a way that builds appropriately and you can get on with your day to day and focus on managing your business and enjoying your life.

Investment Expertise

How will you know what investments are right for you? And when is a good time to invest? We can assist you in finding investments that give you the best outcomes in fulfilling your personal goals and objectives. Best of all you won’t lose sleep over the markets going up and down as your personal CFO will ensure your level of risk is aligned with your situation and needs.

Share Broking Services

No need to worry about doing these DIY and making mistakes. We can assist you by putting you in touch with share broking professionals that have a tried and tested track record in the markets who you can bounce ideas off, and get a trusted source of advice.

Business Structure

Having the right business structure in your business will help you to be more efficient, taking out a lot of the drama and the surprises out of the business.

Solicitor/ Estate planning advice

Making sure your affairs are in order for your family and your business and that your legal affairs are integrated with your financial strategy is crucial to building and protecting your wealth. Making sure your loved ones are looked after and having a peace of mind that you have a plan in place to protect them means that that you can get on with the day to day of managing your business and enjoying life.

Accountant/ Tax adviser

We can assist you to set up the most effective structures for your family wealth and your business ensure that you are always reducing your tax giving you more disposable income to build your asset base. Our team of expert accountant and tax advisers will be able to provide you with a number of business strategies to help increase your bottom line in business and therefore increase your personal wealth by way of generating more cash flow allowing you to do all the things that are important to you and your family rather than worry about your tax.

Contingency Plans and Risk Advice

There is no point in having solid plan for creating wealth and being able to manage this effectively if you do not have a contingency plan in place. We understand that protecting your family is just as important as protecting your wealth, asset base and protecting your business partnership as unforeseen events can take place at anytime and we can assist you in covering all and being prepared at all times for the unexpected, so that no matter what happens you know you can stay on track, and achieve your goals.